It's International Women's Day: Choose Change


I like the idea of being part of the challenge for change as International Women’s day approaches. The theme this year is to #CHOOSECHANGE...


There are so many things that need to change that affect the lives of women all over the world. So where does one start?


I believe we need to start with ourselves, for when we consider the role of women in our society, care giver/care taker are the first things that come to mind.

Yes, there are so many other things that women do, but for me as a daughter, mother and grandmother, I take pride in the role of caring, which includes caring for myself. 

Women are part of the current push for change on so many levels and are doing their best not only to voice their concerns, demand their rights and that of others, but also to motivate, encourage, nurture and inspire.


  We do however, need to take time out to be our own champions! 

I come from a line of formidable women, but who would also be considered traditional. I have childhood memories of my great-grandmother siting in her kitchen at the end of her day, alone and silent, my grandmother would sit on the steps and smoke her pipe, my mother would take to her bed or listen to music. Sometimes she would dance and we as children were invited to join her, and be very embarrassed by her gyrations to the music!

On reflection, these activities provided opportunity for contemplation, restoration and just being. My daughter recently recalled memories of me and my sisters sewing for hours whilst she and her cousins watched! I still use sewing as an activity to soothe and to care for myself. 

How many of you take the time on a regular basis to care for yourself? Some may scoff at this idea, but we do need to start to put ourselves first in order to take care of our loved ones. 

On this Women’s International Day choose change, change in our approach to ourselves, change in the way we care for ourselves.

Be creative, play music, dance like you have never done before, sit quietly for five minutes, take time out of your day...just for you.

You have the choice to have a different relationship with yourself, to change how you treat yourself so that the people around you can benefit from those changes you are committing to.